Welcome to «island»

2009 marks a return to and reinvigoration of «island»'s Australian roots. All players share a common desire to balance their European careers with time spent in Australia. A concrete project is to perform and record the next CD of the series requested by ARS; the Grand Quintet and the Variations for Bassoon and string quartet by Anton Reicha; in Australia. This would entail expanding to a quintet, and importing «island»'s dedicated sound engineer Guido Tichelman to Australia to make the recording. Gruenburg Church

Together with establishing for «island» a more prominently Australian musical base and identity, a longer term goal is to use the quartet as a foundation for a larger-scale, flexible chamber music ensemble involving early romantic wind and string instruments, and forte piano. Though music of the baroque and classical eras is now handsomely presented by Australian period instrument orchestras, this rich chamber repertoire remains largely untapped. There certainly is the interest and the skill in Australia and in the expat Australian community to justify the creation of such an ensemble. «island» ideally could be the contact point for this new European-Australian musical «archipelago».


Gruenburg Church is the proposed recording site for the next Island CD.